1. Deposit required to secure/ book all appointments (this is emailed and you can use any credit card. Clients have 24 hours to pay deposit / secure appointment before appointment is no longer held)
    * $100 deposit for all services except lashes
    * $50 deposit for lashes
  2. All appointments are considered confirmed upon scheduling. Upon scheduling you will receive a text or email stating that appointment is booked however there will not be a reminder call or text, as all appointments are considered confirmed.
  3. Appointment time is when your appointment begins, so please arrive 15 minutes prior for paperwork, restroom and more. I have water tea & snacks too so you can sip and snack during this time before you lay down for your treatment!
  4. All transactions are final
  5. Cancellation/ Reschedule policy: Any changes to date & time of appointment require 7 days notice prior to appointment date & time. If not broken appointment fee will be assessed.
  6. Broken appointment fee- Deposit used to secure your appointment is used to pay broken appointment fee. Next, either appointment will be cancelled or if client wishes to reschedule client has 24 hours to pay new deposit to secure new appointment date & time.
  7. No children in studio. I absolutely love the sound of little feet however it takes away from mom’s appointment and is distracting for the artist.