Before your next appointment

  • An appointment can last up to two and a half hours, so please allow plenty of time in order to ensure the very best results
  • Do not wear any makeup to your appointment, especially eye makeup
  • Remove your contact lenses prior to treatment
  • Please inform your artist of any known eye conditions before your appointment
    • Caution: if allergic reaction is suspected such as swelling redness or puffiness contact your therapist. In severe case seek medical advice. Eyelash extensions adhesive generally contain cyanoacrylate. Never attempt to remove yourself

In order to ensure your new valuable eyelash extensions keep their desired effect for longer, please follow the after care instructions in this booklet

During the first 24 hours
This is the most crucial stage for ensuring the longevity of your extensions.

  • Do not get your new lashes wet: even steam from the shower can affect the quality of the fresh bond

24-48 hours:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with water such as swimming
  • Avoid any hot and humid environment such as saunas, steam room and jacuzzi
  • When taking a bath or shower avoid doing so with very hot water

After 48 hours

  • Do not use oil based products on the area around the eyes particularly waterproof mascara. If you feel it absolutely necessary to use mascara, it must be water soluble
      • please keep in mind if you do opt to use mascara it will weaken the bond faster than if you were to avoid use.
  • Be gentle with your new lashes, avoid continuous tugging, rubbing or pulling of them.
  • Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers. If you try to curl your new lashes, they could break off.
  • Only use lint free applicators and lint free makeup remover cloths around the eyes. Avoid using cotton wool or towels as they can easily get caught and tug on the extensions.
  • Do not tint or perm while wearing eyelash extensions. If you wish to tint your natural eyelashes, this must be done BEFORE application


  • Take care when blow-drying you hair, as excessive heat can cause the extensions to loose their curl
  • Gently comb through your new lashes each morning to maintain a good appearance


  • Each individual eyelash hair has a natural growth cycle- certain eyelash hair will have matured and be ready to natural drop out, while others are just starting to grow. This is the main reason for gaps appearing in your extensions. Depending on your own natural eyelash growth cycle and how well you follow these aftercare instructions, we recommend you attend fill appointment every 3 weeks to prolong the desired effect of the lashes. You may need to attend more frequently if you happen to have a faster growth cycle.

What to expect
Week 1:
your lashes should look full without the need for an fill session. The occasional eyelash may fall out but with proper care this will be entirely unnoticeable

Week 2:
As more eyelashes mature and fall out, your eyelashes will start to look less full. This will not be particularly noticeable, but now is a good time to book your fill session in week 3.

Week 3:
By the their week gaps are inevitable as your eyelash hair reach maturity and fall out. Without proper aftercare, larger gaps may start appearing. Ensure your full effect last longer by attending an fill appointment when necessary.

Week 4:
Without an fill appointment most of the original extension will have fallen out by the end of week 4-5, earning a new full set will be required on your next appointment.